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The big day is fast approaching and it’s time to plan your spotlight look! Bridal gowns, veil options, and accessory details buzz thru your pinning feed, but all you really want to focus on is feeling like your most glamorous self and ensure that your groom is in awe of the stunning view!


Take a breath, beautiful bride, you’re in great hands!
Book Your Preview
Think of your preview as your first foray into the look and feel you’ve been DREAMING of.


Schedule your appointment no closer than 2-3 months from your wedding and imagine your self as a celebrity auditioning hairstyles for the hottest Red Carpet event of the year!
How To Prep
If you’ve got a distinct look in mind – especially if it’s a hairstyle you’ve personally donned and LOVED – arrive with a photo to discuss replication or alternatives.


For complete bridal benefit, use our time strategically. Search ideas ahead of time and make mental note of your preferences. This preparation will ensure your appointment time is well spent creating a working masterpiece designed around you.
What To Expect
…The time of your life! This moment is ALL about you, so embrace the spotlight.


We’ll enter the creative process together to ensure your look will hit all of the detailed highlights.


Your hair texture, thickness, quality, and preferences will be taken into consideration as we tinker with your style (up, down, curly, loose, side-do, etc) to help you make your final decision.


Be open to all possibilities: a look you may be unsure of can easily become the breathtaking style suite for you. Collaboration, surprise, and creativity of this process is exactly what makes it so enjoyable.


We’ll consider your personality, daily style, and day-of theme to bring your distinct look together.


Whatever you decide, you are in the hands of experienced professionals whose singular focus is to make you look and feel like the star of the show!
Extra Reminders
Volume: If that word makes you feel like a goddess, embrace the height! The art of the tease – especially hidden or texture – is what makes so many hairstyles look absolutely incredible in photos.


While we probably don’t want to channel 80s glam rock, we do want your tresses to be ready for their close up and support the weight of your veil and accessories. Remember the main goal is overall balance!


Acessories: Bring all the embellishments you may want to incorporate on your wedding day – your veil, a decorative hair broach, crystal pins, a flower – and remember that less CAN absolutely be more!


We’ll factor the style and weight of your accessories in for a look that does MORE than just turn heads – this is breakneck beauty on demand!


Color: If you plan to change your color, do so 6-8 weeks ahead of time with a refresh a week before your wedding day. And unless you’re a go big or go home kind of girl, save the drama for your mama and keep color changes subtle.


Though it’s not necessary, it’d be especially beneficial to arrive at your trial with your day-of color to take in the full experience of your look.


Cut: The same goes for cut. Allow your hair to grow until we are set on a particular length that’ll make that style pop like a bottle of bubbly!


Focus your efforts on keeping your hair healthy with minor trims approximately every 10 weeks – the last being no sooner than 6 weeks before your big day. Remember – extensions are always an option!
Final Pro Tip
Ready? Pay close attention because you WILL thank me for this:


Schedule your hair, makeup, and dress fitting appointments on the same day to get an scintillating preview of how each element harmonizes together. Such a simple yet often overlooked idea! This way if one piece fizzles out, you’ll spot it right away and have plenty of time choose an alternative look!
Next Steps
Your day is meant to be a reflection of you – completely spectacular!


For a detailed action plan and to book your first trial toward holy matrimony hair heaven, email
See you soon, gorgeous!
Stella Fatalé