You’ve been dreaming of this day for so long

With your distinct style and love for lavish details, you want every single element of your bridal look to breathe glamour, with hair setting the tone for confidence on your wedding day. We’ll take your vision and design a fierce, long-lasting hairstyle that delivers that glamour, and then some. Claim your throne, queen!

Bridal hair is the finishing touch, tying together your entire look.

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You know you’re a Stella Fatalé bride when…

  • You’ve got the wow factor turned up to 11
  • You exude confidence and glamour
  • Your gorgeous hair stays in place after hours of dancing
  • Your entire bridal party looks incredible
  • You can’t think of a single thing to worry about


Your stunning bridal look starts here

1Complimentary Bridal Hair Consultation
To get the glamour going, we’ll meet and explore your vision for your dream wedding look in a one-on-one video call. After our call, I’ll create a custom proposal tailored to your style, timeline and budget. 

2Bridal Vision Session — 4 to 5 months before the big day

After we sign and make it official comes the exciting part! In our in-depth inspo session, we’ll bring together all the elements of your vision, then design a bespoke plan to achieve your showstopping bridal look.

3Bridal Preview Session — 2 to 4 months before the big day

It’s transformation time! You’ll watch your bridal hair moodboard come alive in a real-life preview of how glamorous you’ll look on your big day, ideally paired with your makeup trial and dress fitting.

4Wedding Week Check-In — 7 to 10 days before the big day

You have my full dedication and support in the lead-up to your big day. I’ll check in with you and your bridal party to make sure everything’s in place for a seamless, stress-free experience. 

5Wedding Day 

After working my magic as you savor a luxurious getting-ready experience, you’ll walk down the aisle looking and feeling like the most beautiful and sexy version of yourself. For ultimate VIP service, I’ll stay for touch-ups or style changes for your reception.

Professional Bridal Hair Packages & Services

Which beauty experience will sweep you away?

There are no limits to your beauty experience at Stella Fatalé. Each package is lovingly custom-designed around your unique vision, assets, and specific wedding day plans, without ever sacrificing quality, communication, or the luxury of on-site hair service. You’ll find my most popular experiences below, but know that I’d love to customize one for you!


For the glamorous bride who wants the all-out celebrity treatment throughout her engagement and wedding day. From engagement party glam right to the walk down the aisle, you indulge in the perks of a full-service bridal pampering, complete with pre-wedding planning and honeymoon takeaways!

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For the fierce bride who craves the perfect balance of beauty and VIP service on her big day. You’re set on an enjoyable wedding morning with the focus on flawless beauty and moment of fame in your bridal portrait photo-op.


For the traditional bride who wants to look and feel like her most glamorous self on her wedding day. The essentials are what matter most as you sit back and relax, knowing you trust your stylist to create your dream hairstyle to last long through the night.

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Ready to look effortlessly extra on your big day?
I can’t wait to craft your dream bridal hair. Let’s talk!
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